Why Greece

Breathing in the fragrant air amidst the exquisite mountains; enjoying the endless charms of picturesque villages; relaxing on endless beaches; reliving history among the breathtaking archaeological sites…  

Legend has this country blessed by the Gods, and it’s clear to see why…

Greece offers a unique blend of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscape, overwhelming history and culture and people of great hospitality, being fierce guardians of their tradition.

With a seemingly endless coastline and hundreds of beautiful islands, Greece offers a mix of cultural learning and soul-satisfying relaxation.  While almost every visitor is drawn to Greece's world-famous antiquities, few can resist focusing on sun, sand and fun. 

Greece can offer an incredible gamut of activities: be part of the 'happenings' in front and behind the bars; explore a tiny cove framed by headlands clad in pine and cypress trees; walκ to a simple taverna set on the edge of a little harbour where brightly-painted fishing boats bob on the turquoise sea; stumble on a solitary whitewashed chapel hidden at the end of a donkey track; sample the local wine whilst your meal cooks slowly over the charcoal fire; try out the numerous sporting activities and hobbies. And the days in the sun fly by…

So come and live your dream in Greece , the country blessed by Gods…

Cybarco offers a range of luxury properties in Athens and in Crete . 

If you would like to find out more about Greece and our properties in Athens and in Crete, please contact us.

The sun shines all year round in Athens, the birthplace of democracy and one of the world’s oldest cities. A paradise for lovers of history and culture, Athens also offers plenty of opportunities for pure relaxation and enjoyment – from the city’s nearby beaches and coastal resorts to its rich and varied nightlife. Meanwhile, the innumerable delights of the Greek Islands are just a ferry ride away.

Crete’s exquisite 1,000-kilometre coastline, dotted with beautiful caves, peninsulas, bays and soft, sandy beaches, have established the island as one of the most precious in the Mediterranean crown. Add to this perfect sunshine, stunning scenery, an inspiring cultural heritage and a friendly welcome, it’s no surprise that Crete has become one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

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