Cybarco Contracting: An Introduction

CYBARCO has been operating in the construction industry since its establishment in Cyprus back in the mid 1940’s. CYBARCO, through vision and dynamism, managed to become one of the leading organizations of the 21st century in the construction sector in Cyprus and in the wider geographic region. Distinguished clients include the Governments of Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Bahrain and Qatar.

Member of the renowned Cyprus based ‘Lanitis Group of Companies’, staffed with experienced scientific and technical personnel, CYBARCO leads the way, demonstrating experience and quality in the entire spectrum of the construction sector and engineering services. CYBARCO’s activity is summarised, but not limited, to the following:

Building Projects:
  •     Residential and office building blocks (private and public)
  •     Educational establishments (Universities, schools etc)
  •     Hospitals and Clinics
  •     Hotels and tourist villages
  •     Industrial buildings
  •     Renovations and maintenance
  •     Supermarkets and other Commercial Developments
  •     Athletic facilities, playing fields, stadiums, multipurpose athletic buildings
  •     Banks

Civil and Infrastructure Projects:

  •     Road works, motorways, streets and bridges
  •     Airports, runways, large span sheds and structures
  •     Power stations
  •     Oil refineries
  •     Water refineries
  •     Sewage treatment plants
  •     Sewerage, irrigation and water supply pipe networks
  •     Golf developments
  •     Water dams
  •     Renovations and maintenance
  •     Improvement of open public spaces and urban planning works
  •     Military facilities

Beyond contemporary projects, CYBARCO has the ability and undertakes successfully Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public-Private Partnership Projects (PPP), widely known as BOT/DBFO Projects. Relevant examples are the finance, design, construction, maintenance and operation of sewage treatment plants, water refineries, public and private office buildings, marinas and motorways.

CYBARCO also excels in Project Management, as well as in the comprehensive provision of services, through `Turn-Key Projects', taking advantage of its global network of experienced and trustworthy associates from the entire spectrum of the constructional industry.

With values such as reliability, creativity, quality, teamwork, innovation, respect towards the clients and associates, integrity and professionalism, CYBARCO enjoys recognition and respect not only in the construction industry but also in the society.

With continuous professional development and training of its personnel, CYBARCO is always in the peak of technological advancement and know-how, maintaining and increasing the quality level of the services it provides.

In a spirit of consent, mutual respect and politically correct attitude, CYBARCO seeks, achieves and maintains strategic and individual collaborations with the biggest construction companies of Cyprus, Greece and the wider region, being in most of the cases the leader.

CYBARCO has certified its administration and management procedures to ISO 9001 ‘Quality management system’, its environmental policy to ISO 14001 “Environmental Management” and its health and safety procedures to OHSAS 18001 “Occupational health and safety management system”.

CYBARCO holds contractor’s license ‘A’, according to the Cypriot Legislation, which allows the company to undertake and to execute projects, civil or building, of unlimited number and value.
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