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If you’re looking for sea front villas in Limassol then you’ve come to the right place, because this is where we sell you the dream; a vision where properties in Limassol are neither regular nor ordinary. But before we embark on a grandeur quest of discovery of design and architecture, we must first go on a journey to rediscover a bit of the history of Limassol. The idea is that if you’re going to invest in a new luxury beachfront home or a villa in Limassol, you will want to know more detail about the location itself and not just the price and look of your property.



Limassol Lifestyle on the Sea


Histroy of Limassol

Limassol is the port city capital of the republic of Cyprus and its origin can be traced back to 12th centaury A.D.

Although the date of its establishment is roughly known, historians and experts still can’t agree on the exact date of when Limassol was founded. This mystery probably comes from the fact that there was always a small settlement of natives living in Limassol dating back more then 2000 years. Quite when the settlement began gathering pace with its expansion is what’s still proving difficult to piece together today. It is also not known what caused the settlement to flourish as it did, but what we do know is that by the mid 5th centaury A.D. the modern history of the city was already well on its way to taking shape.

If we consider that in 5th centaury A.D. Limassol was on its way to becoming what it is today, then the events that happened nearly 700 years later in the 12th centaury A.D. can probably be considered a steroid boost for the city.

It was a time when the bloody era of the crusades was nearing its end with the 3rd Crusade. Richard Lionheart, who was at the time the king of England, was on his way to liberate the holy Jerusalem from Muslim Kurdish king of Egypt and Syria, Saladin.

To avoid shipwreck during an uncharacteristically violent Mediterranean Sea storm, the king veered his ship into Limassol to ride out the storm and to resupply his vessel.

While in Cyprus, and after some disputes with Isaac Comnenus (Byzantine governor of Cyprus), king Lionheart conquered the island and destroyed the nearby town of Amathus thereby forcing the displaced inhabitants to move into Limassol.

The King of England didn’t depart from Cyprus without first marrying Berengaria of Navarre at the Chapel of St. George on May 12th 1191.


Limassol Marina Seafront Villas


Limsassol Seafront Villas come with a Cosmopolitan Taste

The rich history of Limassol complements this cosmopolitan forward thinking and in some respects liberal city. Of all the places to invest in Cyprus property, Limassol is perhaps the most welcoming of all the 4 main cities in the republic. With beautiful beaches, excellent beachfront promenade and very active nightlife; it is the perfect setup for buying property and real estate - especially villas in Limassol of the luxury variant.

The northern part of the city is all on elevated ground which beautifully overlooks the entire city and the coast, not too dissimilar to how the city of Monaco is structured. So for instance a seafront villa would have beautiful and unobstructed sea view of the Mediterranean in the south and the elevated hills and mountains to the north.


Mediterranean Sea View


Quality Seal of Cybarco

As for the Limassol sea front villas themselves - as with anything Cybarco makes - are a marvel in and of themselves alone. The architecture is built to the highest specifications and built with the best materials to last for a lifetime and more. The villas are built to accommodate comfort and convenience without sacrificing looks or design.

And design is a key part of the philosophy behind the villas that we make as we try to make them visually striking. It’s all about gaining appeal without sacrificing any aspect of the structures internal design. In other words, there is very little compromise to see here. It’s all built to look like a totally self encompassing modern marvel of an architecture.


Inside View of Limassol Villa


Luxury Living into Practice

And with all the technical specification built to high quality standards, naturally your focus will switch to the more practical aspects of living in one of the finest properties in Limassol.

With practicality comes the need for comfortable living, in particular the need for easy access to: vital utilities, luxury amenities, quick transportation, and even a low crime rate. Limassol caters to all these needs and not just to the bare minimum of standards. For instance the road network in Limassol is the best in Cyprus particularly aided by the fact that the city bounds very stubbornly stick to the coast at all times. This makes Limassol characteristically long and flatly extended across a several kilometer stretch of sandy sea; that, combined with how wide and flat the roads are, results in a city where navigation is easy, uncongested and safe. So much so that most of the most exotic cars (358 Italia and Bugatti Veyron) frequently roam the streets of Limassol.

Other general services and amenities include libraries, a Zoo, high quality private schools and most important of all, easy access to shipping, and access to not 1 but two international airports.


Limassol Marina Peninsular Interior


The Real Estate of you dreams!

Buying a luxury beachfront villa in Limassol would bring with it all the benefits that the city offers: blue sandy beaches, amazing restaurants, luxury yacht marinas, lots of specialized niche services and many other perks. Combine the amazing sea front villas in Limassol with a rich history and and amazing topography and you get a winning combination no matter what way you slice it!

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