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Luxury Villa in Cyprus 

A Closer Look at Akamas Bay
Find the rarest and most elegant Villas in Cyprus. One of the most lucrative villa complexes on sale; Akamas Bay Villas is located on the most unspoiled and well preserved part of the island.

To Rent or to Buy a Holiday Villa?

You've been nagging agents and clogging Google searches for luxury villas in Cyprus. Hours of searching and you've only come across semi-detached 3 bedroom villas that are only available for rent or lease? Now you can take a break from all that and instead see our vision of what a luxury villa in Cyprus is supposed to look like, what's it supposed to feature and the possibilities of living on the island where the Goddess of beauty is said to have been born eons ago. Here you will only find villas for sale - all premium.

Picking the right one amongst a wealth of potentially great villas in Cyprus to serve you as a new permanent home or temporary holiday country house is not supposed to be tedious call after call of frustration; nor is it supposed to be about time consuming click-a-thon, but instead about a carnival of choice and colour. So here we celebrate some of the most scenic luxury villas on this side of the Mediterranean. But all tales have their beginnings and this one starts offshore Cyprus.

Luxury Villa Seaview Interior


Not Just A Tourist Destination - Cyprus Villas with a Difference

Perhaps for far too long, Cyprus was known as just a tourist destination with blue skies, crystal white sandy beaches, jungle green - sun drenched - palm trees, and above all fun. Cyprus is without a doubt one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe, ergo the islands’ real estate and property market has largely taken a back seat to the tourist industry and by extension to short term holiday villa lease. 

Due to this phenomenon and because there are only a few dedicated tourist areas; most of the island has avoided falling into the value pitfall of developing too quickly and to a virtual maturity. In some cases it has even remained completely unspoiled and natural, still having forest fresh air and tranquil sounds of the sea and birds. Many of the areas in Paphos, Limassol and the municipal zones around the Troodos Mountains can only be characterized as unspoiled reserves of nature.

Now in high demand, many of these areas enjoy perfect road and air travel accessibility while managing to stay hidden from the metropolitan overcrowding that plagues many other natural sanctuaries found abroad. Our most exclusive projects for example (Akamas Bay Villas and Limassol Marina) try to deliver on two crucial and sometimes conflicting ideals. 1) High accessibility 2) Seclusion. The ultimate goal of our philosophy is for us to be able to merge high demand locations with innovative architectural design to bring you a level of privacy that can be controlled and adjusted without isolating you from important municipal, recreational, travel or other kinds of services. 

Luxury Villa For Sale in Cyprus Beachfront Red Carpet


Terraced Villas with Landscaped Gardens & Bedrooms with Private Panoramic Views

With Cybarco being one of the leading luxury villa developers in Cyprus, it’s no wonder then that some of the most secluded, private, exclusive and otherwise unspoiled properties in Cyprus have been given the luxury treatment. Your objective here should be just one... to find a luxury villa in Cyprus that will meet all your impossible demands which thusly satisfy your needs for a luxury living. 

Through creativity, intuition and fun you will witness endless fun possibilities for a life of comfort with accommodating and interesting design and architecture. Buy a terraced villa in Cyprus that will give you a chance at new beginning and to make of life what you want. Something you can call home that will inspire a new and exciting luxury lifestyle.

Not interested on a permanent stay this far south from your homeland? With Cyprus having one of the best relocation possibilities in the region, you can simply establish your 5 star luxury holiday getaway instead. Or if you travel a lot on business, then having real estate on the island can prove to be a very effective base of operations as there many international corporations headquartered in Cyprus. On top of that, Cyprus’ geographic location makes it a very accessible hub to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa; a convenience which given enough time will save you a lot of travel time and stress. 

A Terraced Villa with Balcony in Paphos Cyprus

Luxury Villas in Cyprus - Stable Choice, Reliable Destination.

Perhaps the decision for you isn't whether you want to go permanent or only keep to holidays, but rather if Cyprus is the right destination for you to begin with.

Cyprus offers those looking to invest in a villa - in the sunshine - the opportunity to choose from a huge array of properties. Due to its varied landscapes, the island has many areas where villas can be built to exploit the very best features of the environment. Whether this is on a hilltop (as with Amathisa Coastal Heights) overlooking a small mountain village, with cool breezes and spectacular views of the distant coastline, or a discreet property nestled in a secluded bay like Akamas Bay, with the sound of waves lapping at the beach. If you are looking for a location that will take your breath away, then seriously consider Cyprus.

Also characteristic and noteworthy is that owning a luxury villa in Cyprus can be a ticket to relax, unwind and get away from pressures of normal life, with the villas being designed with this in mind. The dependable year round sunshine opens up the possibility of comfortable outside living for the majority of the year. Elaborate or eccentric pool area parties and barbecues mixed with sunbathing - will delight and entertain both family and visitors. You can have frequent visits to your garden shaded only by a palm trees. Sit down to read or just take in the scenery.

As well as providing the perfect location and environment, a luxury villa - or other types of luxury Cyprus property - also gives you the ability to spoil yourself in many other ways. To truly get away from it all, the mundane tasks must be taken care of, such as washing, cooking & cleaning. Many luxury villas come with housekeepers and gardeners to take care of all of this for you, and a concierge can make arrangements for going out, whether it is booking a table at a fine restaurant, a pamper day at a top beauty spa or a leisurely boat trip along the coast.

Villas in Cyprus can offer the complete package – beautiful architecture, inspired surroundings and modern facilities, delivering luxury, relaxation and convenience.

Seaview in Cyprus

Buying and the Sale of Cyprus Villas

When looking to buy real estate on the island, make sure that you don't skim over the luxury villa selection in Limassol and Paphos; you'll find the island's highest quality villas at the most exotic locations.
Sometimes, between the many different luxury villas that are on offer, it can be hard to choose the best. For this, make sure to browse through the selection of projects, look at images and maybe even read through the project descriptions. If you're still having trouble deciding then you can always contact us for assistance.

Shallow water beach front view in Cyprus

What Makes Luxury

Luxury villas in Cyprus can be characterized as always having high production value (not just for hollywood), clever design, elegant swimming pools, and a sophisticated yet welcoming look. And that's not to say that epic scenery falls short compared to the rest of the package, because it doesn't.
It is easy to think of superior comfort and a life of when there are so many varied and celebrated villa choices. And it wouldn't be uncommon for a villa owner in Cyprus to take a dip in the swimming pool in one moment before jumping into the warm blue Mediterranean the next moment. Yours to keep the luxury sea side villa in Cyprus that encourages healthy yet exotic, comfortable yet active, secure yet unbounded lifestyle.

Luxury Villas only with Quality Foundation

As the saying goes, they key to a good life is a strong foundation. Cybarco is built on solid foundations to last a lifetime. Foundation that from its inception begins in design and goes all the way up to the method of construction and the way the materials are used and harmonized together until the entire project blends together into an complete and unblemished  structure worthy of adoration even from the most cynical of guests and relatives who may visit.


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The Limited & Exclusive Sea Gallery
Panoramic Sea Gallery Villas in Cyprus. Breathtaking Limassol city view that overlooks the blue Mediterranean
An exclusive waterfront development, combining elegant residences and a full service marina, with its own shopping and dining area in the...
From €2,020,000
A trio of beachfront towers in the heart of Limassol, offering premier high-rise living, offices, private and public leisure facilities.
From €1,130,000
A trio of beachfront towers in the heart of Limassol, offering premier high-rise living, offices, private and public leisure facilities.
From €910,000
Latchi, Pafos
The most exclusive beachfront villas in Cyprus, located in the most beautiful and unspoilt part of the country, set new standards for...
From €1,250,000
An address for coastal living, Aktea Residences 2 offers a Mediterranean lifestyle in an urban setting.
From €360,000
Attica, Greece
Located in the popular seaside resort of Porto, these villas combine the easy access to Athens City centre with the calm and quiet life...
Price on Application

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