Cyprus: 5th safest country in the world




Out of 106 countries that generate enough data to run a study about the safest countries in the world, our Cyprus proudly holds the 5th place! More amazing is the fact that Cyprus is the No 1 safest place to live and visit among countries that have population under 5 million.

Another surprising fact is that Cyprus is ranked 21st overall in national police personnel however the fewer thefts that the island has helped a lot to make Cyprus in the top 5.

Cyprus and the other 4 countries that made the top have an average 47.62% lower safety score than other countries that participate in the study. Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Japan and Cyprus scored the best results out of 7 data categories (CO2 emissions, life expectancy, national police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts and assaults, number per 100000 people)

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