A New Destination

Trilogy is a place to live well, work hard and play, long after the sun dips beyond the sea’s horizon.

Its three distinct social areas offer resident-only facilities for secluded leisure and relaxation, as well as a lively, bustling, public space that can be enjoyed and experienced by everyone.

The Retreats are elegant resident-only health, fitness and spa facilities occupying two floors of each tower. The carefully designed double height spaces offer relaxation with unparalleled first-class services and outstanding views of the infinite horizon.

The Oasis is a private resident-only sanctuary, cradled by all three towers, offering hours of relaxation or recreation under the clear blue sky. A fusion of tailor-made services and stunning outdoor facilities, create the perfect ‘resort’ experience just moments away from the city’s seafront promenade.

The Plaza is a bustling, public space extending from the entrance of the development, to the centre of the two front towers. Restaurants, bars and shops combine to create a thriving hub that can be enjoyed by everyone, from dawn’s first light to sundown and beyond.

Trilogy is a unique opportunity to play a part in the city’s ever-changing story and begin an exciting new chapter of your own.

Your story begins here.

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