Trilogy Access All Areas: Chapter 3

Welcome to the third chapter of Trilogy Access All Areas, a project by Cybarco. Join us behind the scenes at our new sales office with the development’s leading structural engineer from Thornton Tomasetti, a 1,200-person organisation providing engineering design, investigation and analysis services to clients worldwide through ten complementary and integrated practices. Other landmark high-rise projects by Thornton Tomasetti include the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the Empire State Building restoration, The New York Times Building, Shanghai Tower in China, Signature Tower in Indonesia and Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia – the tallest building in the world at 1km high.

Get up-close and personal with the team behind the project in an access all areas series of the making of Trilogy. Discover our exciting new premier high-rise destination in Cyprus and stay tuned for exclusive previews of the progress of works, marketing and sales. A place to live, work and play in the heart of the city's affluent waterfront. Your story begins here...

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