Cybarco's CEO Trilogy Interview

Trilogy Limassol Seafront

What made the company embark on this project?
In the past five years, and particularly in view of the challenges post 2013, we have managed to exceed our expectations in delivering quality developments according to scheduled timelines, like The Oval and Limassol Marina, and in surpassing our sales targets.

Trilogy has been in the planning for three years now. We had a fantastic opportunity to embark on another infrastructure project in an increasingly attractive destination and on a premium seafront location, owned by the Lanitis Group. We always believed in Cyprus’ potential. With investors aligned with our vision and financing secured, we decided to embrace yet another challenge and brought some international partners on board to work on the design and implementation of Trilogy. It’s a project we are very excited about! We have already broken ground on the development site and the first contracts from pre-launch sales have been signed. Reservations for the luxury apartments and offices now exceed 25 million Euros.

Trilogy is as much an experience as it is a destination. Somewhere to live, work and play in the heart of Limassol, undoubtedly the most exciting place to live and visit in Cyprus. With projects like Limassol Marina, as well as the upcoming casino and ‘Limassol Greens Golf Resort’ by the Lanitis Group on the way, we feel confident Trilogy will perfectly complement the current product offering. On the whole, our Limassol story has been on a steep incline, at a time when the city’s evolution continues to have a positive impact on our economy and driving more business, tourism and investment to Cyprus.

What’s your vision for this project?
Trilogy Limassol Seafront is a 350 million Euro investment. As our Architect best describes it: ‘Trilogy is a family of three towers conceived with a common DNA in mind. Each tower is unique and shares common genetic components with its siblings, linked into a single family group through a coherent architectural language.’ We set out to design something unique and elegant, that would bring all the requirements of every-day living together in one destination; to create an unparalleled experience in a beautiful seafront yet urban setting. Three beachfront towers in the heart of the city, featuring luxury apartments and offices, will be surrounded by a bustling inner plaza with almost 7,000m² of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops, as well as additional first-class private facilities for the residents. A double height retreat in each tower will also offer apartment owners their own spa and gym facilities overlooking the sea from new heights. It’s a ‘resort’ experience in one location! We hope to give people the opportunity to start their own new chapter here on the Limassol seafront. It’s a chance for everyone to play a part in the city’s ever-changing story.

How do these projects impact the economy?
First and foremost, they create hundreds of jobs. They revive the area, attract a higher calibre of tourism to the island and, generally, have a positive impact on the economy. We have seen this with developments like Limassol Marina, which has boosted our tourism and local businesses since its operation. They bring investment into Cyprus, they encourage further investment in the surrounding area and they upgrade the image of Cyprus and Limassol on a global scale. They are integral to our progress and stability. We are so pleased to see this recent surge of infrastructure projects materialise. With the appropriate planning, they can continue to support the pillars of our economy.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the property market and this latest promotion of upcoming ‘Towers’ along the Limassol seafront?
The property market is continuing to enjoy steady growth. This is something we are all certainly taking advantage of, but we should not be frivolous with it. We are positive about these changes, provided expansion follows the guidelines issued. There is a lot about the Limassol seafront that needs upgrading. Some of the older buildings are not only unattractive, they are unsafe. It is time to look ahead, to move forwards and to cater for new markets and new demands. Integrated developments and high-rise buildings allow for a more cohesive product mix and open space for the entire community to enjoy. I firmly believe that growing up rather than outwards is a change that should be welcomed. We are understandably fearful of change, but I think attitudes will shift gradually when people begin to appreciate the potential of this new growth.

Since your company was established in 1945, which projects are you most proud of?
We are generally very proud of the role Cybarco has played in the changing face of Limassol and the regeneration of Cyprus. We feel we have managed to set new standards for development over the years. We are particularly proud of the more ‘pioneering’ projects that paved the way for change and improved the country’s image abroad. Projects like Aphrodite Hills, by the Lanitis Group, and Limassol Marina, including other reputable shareholders, were landmarks in more ways than one. They set the benchmark for future projects of their kind and gave Cyprus much-needed exposure in markets we previously had no product to offer. All our projects, including Sea Gallery Villas and Akamas Bay Villas, offer luxury living by the sea in premium locations with unrivalled views. The Oval is also a big achievement for us. The architectural design and its impact on the Limassol skyline is something of a historical milestone for the company.

What are your future plans?
Trilogy Limassol Seafront is not only a chapter of its own, it is a new chapter for Cybarco. We feel that after our 73 years in the industry, we have established ourselves as leaders in the market. And we are not just about development and sales. We are about people. Our people, our community, our associates and our customers. Having repeat customers only reinforces this success story we are proud to be able to share. We hope to be starting work on Limassol Greens in the near future, bringing golf to an urban setting. That’s the next big project on the cards after we launch Trilogy. We are very excited about the coming years and we strive to continue finding creative and unique ways to bring change for the better to Cyprus.

Trilogy Limassol Seafront

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