Property Prices in Cyprus

Property Prices in Cyprus

What To Expect From Property Prices in Cyprus?

The price range of property in Cyprus varies greatly depending on what you’re looking for. Property prices start out at around €200,000 for a simple apartment and it goes all the way up to the millions.

Apartments Prices in Cyprus

If you’re looking for apartments then here are some notable ones you should look at:

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is one of the most beautiful places to have an apartment in the whole of Cyprus. The location makes it a great place to have easy access to day to day services as well as entertainment and night life. Prices of apartments here can vary greatly depending on your needs and desires. Here we only offer property prices based on request so don’t hesitate to contact us about it.

Amathusa Coastal Heights

This place is gorgeous, it’s on the sea front and it’s practical. Apartments here happen to be buil;t on some of the most privileged beachfront area on Limassol, just 100 meters from the sea. Prices range from roughly €350,000 to just over €500,000. For Cyprus these property prices carry a lot of value and make for an excellent investment.

Apollo Heights

These are also apartments that you can’t go wrong with. Located on the foot of Aphrodite Golf Resort, everything about this place reeks of excellence and comfort. Property prices in this part of Cyprus are at a premium but that’s to be expected. You have easy access to anything from luxury hotels to golf to tennis facilities. Prices for properties here start from just under €300,000 and go all the way to €650,000. This is a much celebrated and loved location in Cyprus and again excellent prices for properties that carry so much fanfare.

We’ve looked at Cyprus property prices when it comes to apartments but villas are just as important.

Villa Prices in Cyprus

Limassol Marina

Unlike apartments here, villa prices at Limassol Marina reflect the volume of benefit that you receive. You’ll be getting world-renowned designer waterfront property which includes a view of the newly built - according to modern standards – marina. Prices for these property marvels are made to request. Again you’ll need to get in touch for a quote depending on what your needs are.

Akamas Bay Villas

This could perhaps be considered the crown jewel in luxury property and living in Cyprus. Property prices here shouldn’t put you off because Akamas Bay Villas are primarily built for luxury and comfort with little consideration to compromise. Even if these properties are out of your price range you should nevertheless consider going there and taking a look for yourself.
Prices vary greatly depending on your needs but they start at north of one million euros and goes all the way up to almost 4 million Euros. Cyprus property prices here reflect on the value & quality you’ll be getting. It would also help if you’d consider these prices as very low risk investments thus increasing the value further.

Cyprus Property Prices in Review

Above we’ve looked the different types of properties and possible price ranges in Cyprus. Cybarco offers an even larger choice of villas and apartments on the front page of the website. Cyprus property prices are constantly on the rise so make sure it doesn’t take you too long to decide what you want!


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