Properties Sale in Cyprus

Properties Sale in Cyprus

Properties In Cyprus For Sale

Cyprus is an island of tradition, culture, beauty and intrigue. It lies in the Eastern corner of the Mediterranean and for centuries has been a crossroads between three continents. It is due to this rich and varied history that it attracts people from around the world, both as tourists and those wishing to settle. It has an excellent infrastructure, high standard of living and generous tax incentives, as well as beautiful countryside, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and of course year round sunshine.

For those looking at properties in Cyprus, the choice is wide and varied. There are many property developers in Cyprus with fantastic reputations for quality and innovative real estate projects catering for residents, holiday properties and retirement homes. The most popular areas are on the coast, with the towns of Limassol and Paphos having a large choice of real estate for sale.

Properties in Limassol

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and it has undergone great development since becoming the islands biggest sea port. It has become one of the most important areas for tourism, trade and service-provision and many international companies have chosen to establish their headquarters in the city.

The city is also renowned for its long cultural tradition and has a number of museums and archaeological sites with influences including ancient Greece, Byzantine, Frankish and Roman.

Contemporary Limassol stretches along the south coast and features many desirable properties, both on the seafront and in the hills overlooking the city. Where Troodos’ southern slopes reach down to meet Limassol, many picturesque traditional wine producing villages and idyllic mountain resorts can be found, offering homes and activities for both locals and visitors alike.

Properties in Paphos

Pafos is renowned for its archaeological treasures and is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Situated on the south-west coast of the island, Pafos looks out across the Mediterranean. Because of its situation, owning a property in Pafos offers the unique bonus of being able to experience the dramatic sunsets every evening.

Pafos is a thriving coastal city where the authorities have invested heavily in the infrastructure and development of transport links including the international airport, as well as many private developments such as hotels, villas and entertainment facilities. The surrounding countryside features citrus fruit plantations, fertile plains, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Assured Quality

The many varied properties in Cyprus for sale offer buyers a fantastic choice of both location and style. One thing that is guaranteed when buying a property in Cyprus from an established property developer is that the quality of the workmanship and materials used are of the very highest standards.


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An exclusive waterfront development, combining elegant residences and a full service marina, with its own shopping and dining area in the...
From €2,020,000
A trio of beachfront towers in the heart of Limassol, offering premier high-rise living, offices, private and public leisure facilities.
From €1,150,000
A trio of beachfront towers in the heart of Limassol, offering premier high-rise living, offices, private and public leisure facilities.
From €910,000
Latchi, Pafos
The most exclusive beachfront villas in Cyprus, located in the most beautiful and unspoilt part of the country, set new standards for...
From €1,250,000
An address for coastal living, Aktea Residences 2 offers a Mediterranean lifestyle in an urban setting.
From €360,000
Attica, Greece
Located in the popular seaside resort of Porto, these villas combine the easy access to Athens City centre with the calm and quiet life...
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