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Lanitis Group

Towards the end of the 19th century, when the foundations of today’s multi-dimensional Lanitis Group were laid, one of the Group’s key objectives was to help strengthen the economy of Cyprus and make its society more humane.

Over time, the Group’s values have remained unchanged: respect towards its clients and associates; collective effort within its companies; reward and recognition of human resources; and social contribution across all sectors – focusing mainly on issues related to human achievements.

Evagoras Lanitis used to say: “I strongly believe that apart from being profitable, a company must also contribute to society.” Despite growing significantly in size and stature throughout four generations, the Group has always remained true to this principle – and will continue to do so.

While committed to adopting the best modern methods and practices, the Lanitis Group will retain the timeless values on which its past success is founded and on which its future success relies.

The Lanitis Group is one of the oldest business groups in Cyprus. The Group’s activities range from agriculture and general trade to construction and property development, tourism, hotel and travel to golf and leisure.

For more information, visit the Lanitis Group website.
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