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Launch of our podcast
Destination Cyprus

28 November 2022

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Cybarco Development Ltd, the company behind landmark projects like The Oval, Limassol Marina and Trilogy Limassol Seafront, has launched a podcast dedicated to Cyprus. Recorded in English, with a mission to reach a global audience, “Destination Cyprus” has opened a dialogue about what makes this country so attractive and so loved, to such a diverse demographic, from all corners of the world.

Speaking about this new format of long-form interviews, the podcast’s host and Cybarco Development’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Sophia Paraskeva, has expressed her pride and enthusiasm for an initiative that puts Cyprus at the forefront of all conversations. “I can honestly say, heart and soul, that each and every one of us at Cybarco – a member of the reputable Lanitis Group – is passionate about our own part in changing lives through our pioneering projects. At the core of everything we do, is our love for this island. We wanted to broaden our messaging, turning our focus to what makes Cyprus so enticing to so many, with special guests and local insights from every sector and walk of life.”

Shaping Cyprus since 1945, Cybarco celebrates decades of innovation and creativity, continually pushing boundaries to deliver iconic developments that transform landscapes and communities. Raising the importance of exploring ways to reconnect with our roots, Sophia is keen to highlight the essence of our people and our destination: “We are driven by progress and change, but we are equally respectful towards the values and authenticity that have allowed us to thrive for so many years. We are resilient in Cyprus; we are incredibly resourceful, and we always seem to find the strength to withstand all the challenges that come our way. From one crisis to another, every sector keeps pulling through. We are here to talk about ‘the why’. It’s vital we never lose track of our purpose or forget what brought us here in the first place: our passion for Cyprus and all it has to offer.”

In the launch episode, featuring a real estate angle, the CEO of Cybarco Development and Chairman of the Cyprus Land and Building Developers’ Association, Michalis Hadjipanayiotou, talks about his career, his journey back to Cyprus and his thoughts on the industry.

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