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Watch our podcast EP. 9

26 March 2024

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Hard to imagine, but fifteen years ago Instagram didn’t exist. In fact, the first hashtag was invented in 2007. We used to buy newspapers and magazines, we used to read articles and press releases, we used to watch long-form interviews on terrestrial channels. We used to buy ‘The Cyprus Weekly’ on a Friday too – remember those days?

Our next guest appeared on our radar fifteen years ago, as the Limassol correspondent for our top-selling national English-language newspaper; a journalist with far more to say than could fit into any column. She has since perfected the art of communication through her passion for the written word. And despite her years away from Cyprus, Andrianne Philippou has left her mark on the community and is determined to make her way back home. In our chat, we delve into her journey to the island and the reasons pulling her back.